Life · Live Free Life

A Single Step.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This week marks the first documented week of J&C’s journey through life, love, & the world. We got married in April, went to Greece for an amazing honeymoon, and now we’re ready to tackle the first mountain of marriage together. The mountain of debt. Life really hits you in the face when you decide to combine everything two people have and everything those two people owe into one big mountainous sum. Seems rather impossible to tackle.

However, a few of our friends have recently decided to take on their mountains of debt and have seen great successes, so we figured, there’s no better time than the present! As we use this platform to document our weekly progress as well as whatever life would like to throw at us or give to us, we hope that it will not just keep us accountable on our various journeys but will be a place we can look back on and remember the adventures we’ve taken along the road of life.

Next up.. the debt free (I like to call it the live free) plan we’ve chosen to follow.

Till next time

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