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A Cluttered Room Creates a Cluttered Mind


The first thing we did to ring in 2017 was to put into affect one of our goals: Minimalism.  If you’ve never done “The January Cure” through the blog ApartmentTherapy.com, I highly recommend it as it breaks down the art of decluttering into simple tasks emailed to you daily for the whole month.  At the end of the month, you’ll have a clean and clutter free home to start the year with!

I’ve always believed that a cluttered home creates a cluttered mind.  I simply can not think as clearly or be as organized with my daily work/errands/etc. when my apartment is messy and filled with a year’s worth of accumulated stuff.  Most of the stuff we accumulate throughout the year, we also never use either.  So we spent a whole weekend dedicated to decluttering!

The only rule I have when decluttering is this:  If I haven’t used the particular item in the last year (12 months, giving it 3 full seasons of potential usage), it must go!

Clothes and shoes we always donate to Goodwill as well as extra plates, old pans/pots/bakeware.  Everything else (junk drawers, bathroom cabinets) would get divided up between donation and trash.  If you can’t dedicate a whole weekend to decluttering, try doing one room a week!  Any amount of decluttering will help you get on the road to a clear mind and a fresh start!

If you have any tips that would help those who feel overwhelmed at the thought of tackling a project like this, feel free to share! If you want any advice or have questions, feel free to ask as well!

Happy Cleaning!


(Image credit: Esteban Cortez, ApartmentTherapy.com)

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